Day 4 E2 Diet

Day 4

Breakfast: Cinnamon Apple GF Oatmeal

Ingredients: GF oats, apple, cinnamon powder, agave, slivered almonds


Breakfast: Organic Banana with fresh ground Almond butter


Banana, Almond

  • It is delicious, so good actually that I barely got a shot in before I ate the rest 😉

Enjoy the gorgeous, sunny and snowy, Colorado morning!

Be back soon for lunch,


Lunch: Arugula, Blood Orange, Jicama Salad


Arugula, blood orange, jicama, hemp seeds

Dressing: Blood orange juice, grapeseed oil


Dinner: Cannellini beans over a grilled portobello


Cannellini beans, portobello, dill, grapeseed oil, balsamic vinegar, salt, pepper

Almond Orange Biscotti

Almond Orange Biscotti


Dry: 2 Cups Sorghum flour, 1/4 Cup Chestnut flour, 2 Tablespoons Arrowroot starch, 1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda, 1 Tablespoon Sea Salt, 2 Tablespoons Orange Zest, Almonds

Wet: 2 Eggs worth amount of Ener-G egg re-placer, 1/3 Cup Agave nectar, 1 Teaspoon Vanilla, 1/4 Cup Almond milk



Improv. Hah, no seriously, we did. However, I played around with the recipe a bit to give you a more fair shot going into the biscotti creation process.

What caused chaos in our usually calm, love filled kitchen quarters was the smell of chestnut flour in the mix. Apparently it is better used as an supplemental flour, rather as the main. This was apparent to us, to late, as it’s smokey aroma filled our nostrils. Smokey cookies? Maybe for dogs…right…so we both feared we were going to end up with dog biscuits rather than the original Italian biscuits we set out to make. Here we go…;)

Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add in wet ingredients and work into dough. Form the dough into logs and slice into cookies. In a preheated oven set to 350, bake for approximately an hour, until completely dry.


It was a beautiful winter day when I took this picture. We had our first snow which also brought a new tradition 🙂

Christopher and I decided to roast chestnuts in celebration of the first snow.

Looking back at my childhood, we had traditions. However, they were rather flat, consumerism based and not very meaningful. As an adult, this is one of those cool moments, where I am free to take my visions and create expression that is not overshadowed by the many other factors that family can produce. I believe that traditions should reflect our individual values; that they should arise based off opportunities to celebrate those values. An occasion to reflect and rejoice in what we cherish. Even though these events may be ritualistic, they can also be evolving.

It just goes to show, like with everything in life, there is a delicate balance. Traditions give us to opportunity to be more cognizant of those things we value. However, if we do not invest ourselves into our traditions, then these happenings will  not be rich with our energy, enthusiasm or even acknowledgment. Combine this lack of awareness and thus appreciation with the habitual nature of traditions and you may lose the very essence behind engaging in tradition and be left with a shell of an experience that has become rote procedure. This deficit can lead to excessive consumerism.

This Christmas, value yourself, and prioritize how you wish to exert your energy.  Recognize and appreciate what you have to offer. Your love and time is a deficit that could never be filled by presents under the tree, no matter how big you stack the pile.

Sushi Night

Raw Kale Shiitake Salad

Kale, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, ginger, sesame seeds, sea salt, pepper. For the dressing; grapeseed oil, ume plum vinegar.


Vegetable Sushi

Sushi rice, rice vinegar, agave nectar, water, carrots, cucumbers, avocados, nori


For the sushi rice, first rinse the uncooked rice until clear. Then you cook in equal amounts water. When finished, add rice vinegar, water and agave. Mix together and quickly lay rice out on clean surface to be fanned. You want to remove moisture from the rice in a brief matter of time.

Chop the vegetables and set aside.

Lay out nori and first add a layer of rice, then a bundle of vegetables at one end. While wetting the nori with water, roll from the end with vegetables towards the other. Upon completion, you may want to slice the sushi roll into smaller sections for individual bite size pieces.


Rx For Balance:I was such a picky eater as a child and throughout my teenage years. I was addicted to consuming the same foods over and over again; never wanting to veer into unknown territory. It wasn’t until I eliminated such staple ingredients as wheat, dairy and soy that my food world began to open up.

I was in a position where I was going to try new foods or starve myself.

After only a few weeks of being off these foods that I had consumed in great quantities for years, I stopped craving them so badly.

Eating fresh whole food, cleansed my palate in a profound way.

I started to recognize the flavors offered by fresh, real foods and held them in higher regards than the processed, chemically produced, sugar, salt and preservative laden flavors I previously mechanically consumed. I wanted to try food, I craved a variety of whole foods, rather than a variety pack of junk foods.

Who would have thought that the real limitations of my diet would have been before I ever started my elimination diet? Eating the same, nutrient drained foods, did not offer me enough nutrition and it wreaked havoc on my bodies abilities to digest and assimilate the nutrients I was ingesting. Cutting out the unhealthy foods and introducing the ones which regained my health, allowed me to understand the role nutrition plays in my life. The combination of not being addicted to certain bad foods and appreciating what the healthy ones can do, has certainly encouraged me to expand my food horizons and continue this rewarding  journey of finding food to thrive upon.


Day one.

Accidentally ate gluten on 12/11/2010. Consumed two pieces of licorice with wheat flour as the second ingredient. I have been stressed with family issues and was throw off by the label set up, which was slightly out of the ordinary. Within 15 minutes, I felt those reminiscent pains of my childhood conjure up in my gut. In the following hour, I got a stiff headache which started low on the back of my head and moved upwards in a slow wave of pain. I felt socially great and kind of loopy. Had a wonderfully peaceful sleep that evening.

Day two.

Very little bowels movements, which is uncommon. Usually experience 3 or more per day. Mild body pains. Great otherwise.

Day three.

Once again little bowels movements. Stiffness and other normal body pains. Great otherwise.

Day four.

Excavated a great deal of stool in the morning. Stools were full of undigested foods that I consumed on Saturday for dinner including rice and carrots. Stools were loose and a pale, clay colored, also smelling rather foul. Usually food does not linger in my gut for more than an evening and is out the next morning. Hopefully, if there was damage from gluten intake, it was negligible. Feel great otherwise.

This afternoon when stepping into the shower, I noticed that the water felt scolding hot to my hands. I turned it cooler and got in. My body did not feel warm enough; but to my hands the water was still feeling so hot that it hurt in a burning way. I noticed that I was getting the same sensation in my feet. I suddenly realized that this sensation was my Raynaud’s acting up for the first time in months. Also, while in the shower, my knee started hurting, I looked down to realize it was swollen. It had been swollen after skiing more than a week ago However, that swelling had subsided days before. I haven’t had any problem with it or done any heavy workouts since.

Second bowel movement today was painful. It felt as though I had heightened sensitivity to pain in the general region. It produced stools which were thin and flat on the sides, rather than rounded. It was once again clay colored, loose and contained undigested food from dinner on Saturday.

It’s a little later into the afternoon and I am feeling miserable. I mean, I have felt much worse in my days, but it is still a generalized unwell feeling. I am drained, have a headache with pressure and stiffness, and have been carrying a slumped demeanor. I am grumpy going into drop my resume off….hopefully I will just be able to drop it off and book it today, save meeting people for another time.


Garam Masala

Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Mustard seeds, Annato, Paprika, Sea Salt, Cayenne, Garlic and Turmeric Powder




Cook Basmati Rice. Saute sweet onions, garlic and tomatoes. Cook until the water has evaporated from the tomatoes. Throw in ginger, garbanzo beans, spice and coconut milk. Mix well, but don’t boil the coconut milk.



Rx for Balance: When creating a spice mix, there can be uncertainty. Open your senses, taste and smell often. And have fun pounding away with the pestle! Uncertainty is a permanent aspect to trying something new. It adds excitement to the experience. Why would we explore new territories if not for the thrill of doing so? Trust yourself and embrace the unknown, if you can do both, then you will enjoy any new venture.